About Ted Maglione - Owner

Theodore Maglione, Owner
Professional Qualifications
  • Graduate of Bucknell University, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
  • Licensed Professional Engineer in several states, including New Jersey
  • Licensed Professional Planner in the State of New Jersey
  • Licensed Building Inspector, and Construction Code Official
  • Energy Star Certified Contractor
Public Service
  • Member, Mendham Township Board of Health
  • Member, Mendham Township Planning Board
  • Chairman, Morris County Construction Board of Appeals
  • Vice Chairman, Highlands Development Credit Bank

I am the only builder on the Morris County Construction Board of Appeals, (MCCBA). The MCCBA focuses on resolving building code interpretations and disputes between municipalities and building professionals. This experience allows me to gain not only an in depth knowledge of the New Jersey Building codes, but even more importantly, the rationale used to generate them. This in turn allows me to ensure building code compliance not only in Morris County but also in any other location in New Jersey.

The Highlands Development Credit Bank is an integral arm of The State of New Jersey Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council.



Home Improvement Lic # 13VHO4640200

New Home Builder # 26360